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Are you People?

So, in our household, we have a lot of visitors, for various reasons!  We’ve always loved hosting parties, and social events like dinner parties and board games evenings are much more likely to happen if people come to me.  It’s wonderful, and I finally feel like I’m getting my social life back finally.

But those who visit fall strictly into two categories. People and Not-People.

But, I hear you scream, what does that mean??

Well. Those who are people are those that you have to put some sort of effort into welcoming them in, and making sure they have what they need.  You make sure to go and get them their chosen beverage, ask if they need anything, spend energy entertaining them. They are the ones that I will go down to the living room to spend time with. They are the ones we will cook for, we’ll sit around the table to eat, and we’ll talk and interact almost all the time they’re here.

Not-People are those who walk in, put the kettle on, and ask if you want a brew. They’re the ones who you can sit comfortably with – silly youtube videos on in the background while you both/all mindlessly scroll through facebook. They’re the ones who I still invite over even if I’m feeling rough, cos I know they’re happy to come sit on my bed with me, order takeout, and have a bed picnic.

We invite a lot of people into the house, both People, and Not-People, and I love spending time with all of them, but People are always more draining than Not-People.

Since getting ill, I’m truly grateful for the Not-People in my life.  I know they come without judgement.  They are not going to look down on me if I’m not able to leave my bed while they are here, or if my conversational skills are lacking due to brainfog.  They are happy to just share space, cute animal pictures, and silly memes for a few hours.


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