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Orgasms Are Exhausting!

This is a post I’ve been putting off, and putting off, because I’m never quite sure how to write it…. But here goes….

One of the main symptoms of my various illnesses is fatigue, particularly after exertion.  And you know what takes quite a bit of physical exertion? Sex, and in particular, orgasms.

I LOVE sex.  I love sex with my partners, with my friends, and even with strangers at times.  I love to let go and revel in the pleasurable sensations, enjoy the endorphins, and adrenaline, and all those other wonderful hormones which for a brief time make my body a joyful place to live.  But increasingly, sex doesn’t involve my orgasms.

Partly because post-sex, I love to snuggle up with my partner(s) and enjoy the sweaty after-glow which comes from some truly intense sex, and not have to immediately jump up and look for painkillers to fend off the impending pain. And partly, because my orgasms with others tend to be huge, powerful, and overwhelming, and leave me good for nothing at all for a considerable period of time.

Imagine this…. You have got together with some beautiful people for a night of hedonism…. Play has begun, and there are sexy people all around you doing wonderful things to each other, and you.

You have a choice….

To orgasm now, and essentially be out of action for the rest of the night, or to not orgasm, and be able to keep going, and going, and going.

Sometimes I’ll go with option A.  I’ll cum.  I’ll cum hard, squirting everywhere, my body convulsing, muscles tensing, and then……. I’ll curl up somewhere comfy, and watch.  Of course, this only works in a situation where others are happy with a voyeur, but it can be pleasant to still savor the atmosphere in the room, even though I’m not in a position to join in.

But mostly, I go for option B, and spend my energy bringing others to orgasm.  I take my pleasure from giving it to them. I suck, and fuck, and lick.  I use my hands, my mouth, my tits, my cock, my cunt. And I give them orgasm, after orgasm.  Or I tease them, building up to one amazing orgasm that leaves them breathless with laughter.

Most of the orgasms I have come when I’m alone. When I have time to relax with a favorite toy and some porn and make myself cum. Those orgasms aren’t as powerful as those I have with others, but even they can leave me needing a couple of hours break to recover afterwards.

Such is spoonie life.

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