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Rubbing It Together

Since I realised that I am non-binary, I’ve rediscovered a love for something that I used to really enjoy when I first started having sex with guys, and that is frottage.  Although, it’s a little different these days.

With my first ever boyfriend, I used to love getting on top, straddling, and rubbing my pussy up and down over his cock.  We’d usually be naked, but at these times, I wasn’t at all interested in penetration. I just wanted to feel the sensation of him rubbing against me. Now, it’s something a little deeper than that.

See….. although I usually in my writings here, I refer to my clit as my clit, in sex with my partners, that’s usually not the case. It’s my cock.  Sure, it’s not a very big one, and it’s unlikely I’ll ever be able to penetrate someone with it, but it’s still my cock.  And the feeling of my cock rubbing against someone else’s is…. well…. fucking hot. Especially when they’re acknowledging it as my cock.

As well as loving the sensation, it’s a way of making sex feel queerer to me. It acknowledges that my body is not a female body, and there’s ways of creating pleasure together without it having to be PIV sex, that we can both get off without having to rely on my cunt to do it.

The first time C (my male partner) and I did this was the same way I did this in my teens, straddling him, grinding myself against him, and I think we were both genuinely surprised when he came that way, but since then, we’ve found a couple of more fun ways of doing this. Both have him kneeling between my legs, his hard cock pressed up against mine. The first method has him wanking his cock, the head of his cock pressing against me with every stroke of his hand.  I love this, because I get to see his cock, something I always enjoy. And I want to try expanding on this further, by pumping my cock to get it as hard as possible, and wanking it at the same time.

The second has the length of his cock pressed up against my cunt, the head on my cock, as he slides up and down. To anyone watching, it might look like we’re fucking in this position, but we’re not, there’s no penetration happening, just our bodies moving together. The benefit of this position is that I can hold him, pull his body against mine, and thrust back against him.  We can kiss, and I can feel his body shudder as he covers my cock in his cum.

I’m sure that there are other positions that we can find to enjoy the feeling of our cocks sliding together – is this something you enjoy, and if so, what position is your favourite?

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