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My First Spanking (in a long time)

You would have thought that someone as kinky as me wouldn’t go the best part of 2 years without getting spanked, would you? Unfortunately getting ill put a stop to a lot of my kinky fun, but I think I might just have broken the drought now with some fun with a long term play partner!

It happened a few weeks ago now, and I’ve been thinking about it since – how it felt, what it means going forward, and how I can make it happen more often!

It started with a strapon workshop. They were wearing their new strapon – one that I’d not long ago seen them fucking their lover with – and I will admit to being rather distracted through the workshop, my eyes drifting to their cock frequently.  When the workshop ended, people started drifting off, they asked what I was getting up to next.

“I’m not sure, but I really want to suck your cock right now,” was the answer that came out of my mouth. I don’t remember their reply, but I do remember that I was very quickly on my knees in front of them, sucking their beautiful cock. Teasing slowly, getting faster, then slower. Feeling their thrusting, hearing their breathing change, knowing that they were getting ito this as much as I was.

We broke apart, knowing that if I carried on, then we’d end up making a mess (we’re both squirters who don’t require genital stimulation to squirt). We agreed that we wanted to carry on, so took a quick break to pee and gather supplies.  They asked if I wanted them to grab their spanking toys, and my answer was a very enthusiastic “yes”.

The last time I had been spanked before this was on a shoot, and I ended up almost throwing up because I couldn’t deal with the pain of the cane. But shoots are different to personal play, and I knew that I wanted to see what I could enjoy in a more relaxed setting without the pressure of cameras and lights. And I knew that I was in good hands.  I’ve played with this person for years now, and over that time we’ve got good at reading each others reactions, and I knew that they would start out slowly, and if I needed the spanking to stop, it would, and we could transition into other fun activities, without any judgement or repercussions.

As it turns out, I needn’t have worried. From the first, solid spank over my boxers, I knew that I was going to enjoy this, and that it was the kinky re-awaking that I needed. Balanced over a pile of cushions, my bum up in the air, the first spank made me gasp, and moan.  And it didn’t take long before my bottom was bared, and I was moaning and giggling, and wriggling my bum, wanting more.  The spanks were broken up by pauses for them to rub my bottom, run their nails across my skin, and push their cock in my mouth again.

My bottom was very quickly warming up, a tingling spreading through my body, my cunt getting wet, as I sank into the spanking. I couldn’t tell you how long it went on for, other than to say it wasn’t long enough.  When the spanking stopped, I will admit to being disappointed. But when they said “I want to use the strap on you,” my disappointment quickly faded. I was a little nervous, so quickly checked in, asking which strap it was they wanted to use. On seeing that it was their long, wide, soft leather strap, I eagerly replied that I was ready for them to strap me.

It’s been years since I last felt that strap on my bottom, but it was just as wonderful as I remembered it. Mostly thud, with a little bite at the tip. The sensation washed over me, and I felt my body relax more and more with each stroke. My mind quietened as well, focussing just on their voice, the sound the strap made as it swished through the air, and the feeling as it landed on my reddening skin.

I don’t know how many strokes I took, but I do remember them changing sides at one point “to make sure you’re symmetrical”, and by the time they finished, I was horny. My body was reacting in familiar ways to a much missed sensation, and now that my spanking was over, it was time to move on to other, more intimate activities…



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