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After The Spanking

A little while back, I had my first spanking in a very long time, and it was amazing (you can read about it here), but what came after was equally amazing!

Kneeling over a pile of pillows, red bottom raised in the air, I wanted to be fucked. I wanted them kneeling behind me, their cock sliding in and out of my cunt, their body slapping against my spanked ass, but after a few attempts, and changes of position, it became clear that my cunt wasn’t going to be cooperative in the fucking today.  That’s a thing that sometimes happens. No matter how wet and horny I get, penetration is either straight up impossible, or very uncomfortable/painful. It’s something I plan on speaking to my doctor about, but until then, I’m not going to let that one issue ruin my fun.

And that’s how I ended up on my back, legs spread, their hands exploring my body. Running them from my tits, down my belly, to start playing with my cock, one finger on either side, just stroking gently to begin with. I love being played with like this, and their technique never fails to get me off…… fast! They were straddling my leg, to be able to get a good position to play with me, and it wasn’t long before I felt them squirting.

Knowing that they were squirting just from playing with me turned me on even more, and made me cum again, and again, and then….. well, we got ourselves caught in a bit of an orgasm loop.

They would make me cum, which would make them cum, which then made me cum again.

I don’t know how long this went on for, but I know once we managed to stop, we were both soaked, laying in a puddle of our mixed juices, and rather dehydrated. After a quick breather and a chance to have a swig of drink, they told me that they would like some touch now, so they laid down, and I started running my hands all over their body.

Gentle touches on their nipples soon lead to one of my favourite games, that I call “harder please”. It’s a wonderful way of gauging how much sensation someone wants. You start off doing a thing as gently as possible, and if they want more, they say “harder please”. They keep saying that until they get to the level of stimulation they want. And lets face it, there’s something super hot about someone looking you in the eye and saying they want more of whatever it is you’re doing.

This game ended up with their hand playing with their clit, as I pinched and pulled their nipples harder and harder, reaching a peak as they came, and then starting again from a gentle touch. I’m not sure how many times they came, but once again, we ended as a hot, wet, sweaty, snuggly puddle.

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